June 20, 2019

Put these AI-powered tools to the test


Today’s marketing professionals have more responsibilities than ever – from consistent engagement with consumers across an ever-increasing array of channels to the collection and analysis of huge quantities of consumer data. However, budgets don’t always keep up with these expectations, even as marketers are under more and more pressure to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

As any marketer will tell you, this is a stress-inducing combination of factors: A to-do list several miles long, an impossible-to-please CFO, and an industry in a perpetual state of change.

This is why AI and automation are such a crucial part of any successful marketing platform. Sophisticated AI-powered data collection and analysis tools have never been more accessible, resources like chatbots allow brands to continuously engage with customers and offer more personalized experiences, and AI can even help with the development of high quality, SEO-friendly content.

We canvassed some of the smartest marketers we know and have come up with some recommendations for what you can carry in your AI-powered toolbox.

Marketing Tools

CRM Whisperer: Chorus analyzes recorded sales calls and video calls to collect data on why a sale did or did not close. It creates sales reports so the sales team doesn’t have to.

Chatbot: Zendesk uses AI (particularly machine learning) to create automated responses in customer support chats.

Tweeter: Tweepi sifts through your follower and following lists and offers suggestions on who to follow and unfollow based on a specific set of criteria, such as follower/following ratio, activity levels, keywords in their bios, and posting frequency.

SEO Guy: MarketMuse provides AI-powered SEO recommendations and insights. It also scans your content and makes copy suggestions based on SEO-friendly keywords.

Money Maker: 6sense uses AI to predict where an account/lead is in their buying journey, which creates opportunities for closing the deal.

Content Pro: Onclusive uses AI and machine learning to “listen” across the web for media hits and sentiment, which allows it to organize, score, and enrich each piece of content.

Designer: Adobe Spark offers suggestions for design elements (colors, fonts, graphics, and layouts) based on learned information about your brand.

Marketing Mastermind: Salesforce Marketing Cloud collects marketing data across platforms and uses machine learning to help you customize your interactions with customers.

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