September 25, 2019

Finding middle ground with the skeptical consumer


On September 19th, we attended Knotch’s “Pros and Content Conference” to get the inside scoop on how to leverage content and influencers in order to create meaningful connections with consumers. Why? Because, ironically, with all of the new techniques and marketing goodies out there, establishing a genuine bond with consumers often gets lost in the middle of it all.

Here are a few highlights and Creative Kudos shoutouts.

According to Nathan Poekert of BMW: “Influencers just want your money.” With the influencer marketing industry poised to reach $10bn in 2020, and influencers using tactics ranging from the questionable (bartering with other influencers to artificially boost engagement) to downright falsification (photoshopping follower numbers), what is a marketer to do?  The answer can be different for different brands but will usually include the dirty word of marketing: authenticity.

Steven Cardwell of HBO said “authentically bringing the consumer into the narrative” is key to driving connection. Kudos to the network for distributing GoPros the cast of its hit drama Euphoria—enabling them to document behind the scenes experiences on set. Millions of viewers engaged with the content for pennies on the dollar.

Euphoria still

Envoy by Four Seasons was touted as a prime example of an influencer-based content campaign. By offering artists from across the globe an opportunity for memorable, culturally-grounded experiences to inspire creativity and works of art, the Envoy program connects authentic storytelling with Four Seasons destination properties worldwide. The result? Compelling, original content that fuels social media campaigns and brings the Four Seasons to life in new ways.

We also heard a handful of expert marketers talk about how influencer marketing can be thought of simply as “working with talented people to create connections with customers.” Case and point: BMW’s Instagram campaign putting digital influencers at the center of amazing travel stories. Under the hashtag #bmwrepost, BMW shares photos taken by enthusiasts and hobby photographers with the community in appreciation of its loyal fans around the globe.

For more key takeaways from the conference, check out our recent article about conquering internal resistance.

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