October 9, 2018

What do a kitchen and a company have in common?


What can your kitchen table teach you about solving the most difficult problems brands face? That may sound like a strange question, but if you’re searching for innovative ways to reach potential customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and stay top of mind as a relevant brand in a competitive industry, the answer might surprise you.

Picture a big dinner party with family and friends. While we cherish the presence of loved ones who are fixtures at the table, nothing enlivens the conversation like new people with perspectives and insights that can only be gleaned from their unique personalities and experiences.

This is why we’ve built the Ricciardi Group into an “open kitchen” – a term coined by Dana Anderson, the chief transformation officer at MediaLink. An open kitchen is a place where a wide range of diverse voices are amplified and original ideas are embraced to produce one-of-a-kind experiences for every client. It’s a culture where opinions can be voiced freely and engagement is encouraged at every level. And it’s a business model built around making the most of what everyone has to offer.

Personalization has never been more important to consumers – they want authentic relationships with brands that treat them like individuals with their own preferences and concerns. Why should we expect clients to be any different?

Each company has unique obstacles and goals, as well as a particular set of resources to help it accomplish those goals. As marketers, it’s our job to come up with a strategy that will help brands leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in the pursuit of specific, well-defined business objectives (which is why we always ask clients what outcomes they’d like to see right from the start). This is where the open kitchen demonstrates its value once again.

To ensure that we’re meeting all our clients’ distinct needs, we build teams from the ground up for each project – a process that brings people with the right skills and experience together to develop creative solutions to problems that often require unorthodox thinking. While we only have 10 full-time employees, we have a ten times as many freelancers. This means our kitchen is always full of people who know how to create powerful campaigns that take each brand’s individual business strategies and objectives into account.

By bringing a bunch of talented and passionate people to the table, you’ll create an environment where the natural, open exchange of ideas always leads to more and more refined strategies for your clients. A firm’s most valuable resource is its people, and there’s no better way to improve relationships and communication between members of your team than the establishment of your own open kitchen.

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