February 6, 2020

Master Your Marketing Balance With Our New Guide


How do you find the right balance between brand marketing and performance marketing? Whether it’s a large corporation or a startup, it’s a common question we receive from CMOs. Should you be focused on building culture and connecting emotionally with customers or trying to find new ones systematically?

Our new whitepaper answers this question by first defining each of these categories. Using the latest industry findings, we then offer recommendations on how to prioritize your marketing efforts.

In our toolkit, we include PR, SEO, advertising, content marketing, social media, video, email, paid media and demand generation. All companies, no matter their size, need to at least consider each of these methods. The degree to which you deploy them depends on the maturity of your company.

Download the whitepaper and read more about how to find your ideal balance.

You can also take our Marketing HealthCheck quiz to see how you’re doing.

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