December 20, 2020

IPO Dream Team Getting the Band Back Together


We were thrilled to welcome Melissa Lotito and Beth Oporto to the Ricciardi Group, bringing a collective 45 years with client side marketing savviness to our team. When that’s combined with the tenures of our other former NYSErs, this small but mighty agency has ushered more companies to the public markets than any other marketing team on earth.

Hear what Melissa and Beth say about IPO marketing considerations and other vehicles for going public (and the skinny on SPACs).

I am a CMO of a company about to go public. What are 3 things I should know?


“Recognize it is one of the biggest branding opportunities in a company’s history. Your traditional target audience will expand with the influx of investors. Your whole corporate ecosystem is impacted by this event, not just shareholders. It is a great moment for customer and employee engagement, too.Your brand will be on an international stage—breathe, smile and enjoy the moment!”

According to Goldman Sachs, there were 248 SPACs in 2020, more than any in its entire history combined. Seriously…what is the big deal with SPACs? 


“First, how does a SPAC work? A SPAC is like an IPO but different. Unlike an IPO that has one big moment to debut going public, a SPAC could potentially have two—when the shell company lists on the exchange and again when they acquire a company to take it public. Unlike with an IPO, there is no quiet period before the SPAC listing. This presents a double opportunity for the brand to capture some limelight and make their case to shareholders.”

Do you have to have a celebrity endorsement with a SPAC? 


“No, but it doesn’t seem to hurt. The celebrity element of the SPAC aids the fundraising process. During this period, you are betting on the future prospects of what this group of individuals align to and bring forward. By having high profile people associated with your SPAC, your fundraising and investor pool are likely to benefit. Venture capitalist and former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitia has brought 11 SPACs forward and is working on his 12th.”

What are the most memorable listings you worked on?


“There are so many, but seeing Richard Branson bring fireworks to Broad Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange will forever be filed under ‘you don’t see this happen every day.’ This was last spring for the Virgin Galactic SPAC and it was amazing to see the test flight earlier this year, knowing the company got their turbo boost from the SPAC listing.”

Your company is public. Now what? 


“There is a year-long cadence built in for new required communications—read: branding opportunities—to showcase your brand, new products, company leadership and strategic initiatives. With the multitude of decisions to be made when going public, one of the most important is to find the right agency partner that has the creative expertise and experience to make your goals a reality.”

Galactic SPAC

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