March 31, 2023

ChatGPT (And NYC) Actually Have 12 Seasons

By: Ricciardi Group


ChatGPT stormed through the first quarter like a hurricane, and similarly, its trajectory was difficult to track. One minute AI was going to revolutionize the way we work, the next it was more unhinged than a Kendall Roy rant. We created this timeline to chart its evolution to date, and it may look a little familiar to anyone who has lived in NYC…


Here are the links to the featured articles:

November 30, 2022
OpenAI launches ChatGPT

December 8, 2022
ShareGPT is released so that users can easily share ChatGPT conversations

December 11, 2022
NYT: The New Chatbots Could Change the World. Can You Trust Them?

December 20, 2022
Viral chatbot ChatGPT will be overhyped, then overlooked, and then, perhaps, essential

January 31, 2023
ChatGPT will be additive in the future of work across industries

February 1, 2023
OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus – a subscription plan to monetize the technology

February 7, 2023
Microsoft launches new Bing, with ChatGPT built-in. Soon after, OKCupid, Snapchat, Discord, and others integrate ChatGPT functions.

February 10, 2023
Bill Gates says ChatGPT will change the world

Feb 16, 2023
Bing Chatbots Unhinged Response Going Viral

March 1-14. 2023
OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT, OpenAI launches GPT-4, available through ChatGPT Plus

March 15-17, 2023
AdAge article on how ChatGPT can’t save marketing, ChatGPT is so overrated


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