March 7, 2022

Chart The Successes Ahead by Looking Back

By: Alana Haramaty

This year, we are taking a strategic eye to our year, being intentional, and focusing on growth in the long view rather than just looking at the immediate road ahead.

So we’re practicing contemplation across the board, starting from within and extending to our clients.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Not sure where you’re headed? Start by looking back. This year we’re rethinking the traditional performance review structure. Our version, introduced to our team by RG’s Alana Poser, is called Looking Back, Looking Forward. LBLF is a self-evaluating framework meant to be an introspective critique.

LBLF includes questions such as: Which part of your job gives you the most fulfillment? Which part of your job gives you the most frustration? How do you envision your role evolving? How can your manager set you up for success?

By thinking critically about our growth in 2021 we can chart calculated successes for our future. We are always learning. What are our goals? What are our opportunities in 2022? And where did we come up short in 2021? LBLF lets employees review themselves honestly and get honest and actionable insights for the year ahead.

Annual Client Survey

RG is always learning—and that means learning from our clients, most importantly.

Our year-end client surveys yield important information to set up 2022 for success. Through a holistic and comprehensive presentation of the work accomplished this year, our clients show us how our service helped them meet their goals—and in turn, how we can achieve our own.

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