Case Study

Coin Metrics

Charged with creating a brand message as bold as its vision, the Ricciardi Group found that in a market mired in opacity and mistrust, Coin Metric’s offerings uniquely positioned the brand to become the trust metric in the new crypto economy.

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Coin Metrics
5 M

Impressions Generated

87 %

Ad Recall, 3x Norms

3 K+

Total Media Mentions

Aligning a Brand Promise With the Macro Environment.

Founded in 2017, Coin Metrics originated as an open-source project to determine the economic significance of public blockchains. However as the company grew, the business recognized its mission had outgrown its original purpose.

The subsequent “Put Truth to Work” brand campaign leveraged this critical insight – truth as an asset that accelerates value creation – to bring the brand’s mission, vision and value to life, positioning Coin Metrics as the leader and trust metric in crypto data during a period of turmoil for the industry.