Case Study

Alpine Investors

With the private equity sector experiencing intense competition due to increased capital availability, Alpine Investors, a PE firm, aimed to redefine its brand for clear differentiation. Guided by its business philosophy – investing in exceptional people to create exceptional businesses – Alpine joined forces with the Ricciardi Group to project the brand as both a category leader and market innovator through a series of critical brand marketing initiatives.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity
  • Content
  • Creative Services
  • Digital
  • Web Design & Development

RG executed a significant brand website redesign, transforming their existing platform from a one-dimensional, digital gateway to a premium experience that placed Alpine Investor’s mission, vision, and performance front-and-center. Central to the strategy was Alpine’s people – the individuals, companies, and communities that set Alpine Investors’ apart. Through a personalized photoshoot, we adeptly captured the essence, mission, and diverse facets of Alpine Investors, through impactful visual representations of the individuals closely connected to and embodying the brand.

Furthermore, the partnership between RG and Alpine introduced a fresh visual identity for Alpine’s Force For Good Report, the company’s annual impact report. Serving as bedrock content in Alpine’s go-to-market strategy, it was paramount that the report was cohesive with the new visual identity, and that it was strategically designed to support Alpine’s digital campaigns and offline distribution.

The launch of the website and new visual content were strategically aligned with Alpine’s recent fundraise announcement, enhancing its impact and drawing attention to its new brand platform. 


"RG has been a bright spot for me and the marketing department at Alpine."

We have the utmost trust in RG for a variety of reasons - Marisa's leadership and understanding of the industry, and the team's care, responsiveness, thoughtfulness and creativity!

Audrey Harris
Head of Marketing, Alpine Investors