August 3, 2022

ABM Guide: Actionable Advice from Actual Practitioners

By: Ricciardi Group


Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a fancy way to frame what marketers have been doing for years: executing targeted campaigns with personalized messaging. Now more than ever, with inboxes filled to the brim, and text message queues piling up with spammy sales pitches, ABM is an absolute necessity if you want your message to break through the clutter and win new accounts.

While operational tools for ABM abound, the essential components still remain:

  • Know your audience
  • Understand their pain points
  • Align your value proposition to solve their problem

For an in-depth look at how ABM can be used as a core strategy to identify, attract, engage, and ultimately close ideal-fit companies, download our recent guide (below): Actionable Advice from Actual Practitioners.

Download the PDF

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