A New Brand Identity for Splitit

Splitit recently unveiled a new brand identity with the help of the Ricciardi Group. Splitit is a global payment platform that enables shoppers to make purchases using installment payments via their credit card. Their new branded elements include a logo, website, and marketing materials to better align their mission with their customers. 

Splitit’s new logo features a purple color theme with a concentration on smaller payments for consumers and merchants. The transition of the logo’s before and after can be seen on UnderConsideration.

In creating the new work, Ricciardi Group uncovered that 70% of credit card holders don’t use the credit they already have — largely to avoid paying interest. Unlike most competitors in the payment space, that require shoppers to open a new line of debt for installment payments, Splitit allows shoppers to pay over time using credit they already have with no interest or application.  

The transition in positioning led to a shift in messaging from ‘Split payments in seconds’ to ‘Use the credit you have to pay overtime on your terms,’ giving consumers more control of their cash flow at a time when they really need it. This is further brought to life in new marketing materials and visual identity. As you can see in the example below, the Splitit icon focuses on what shoppers’ next purchase using installment payments could be.

The debut of the new brand message and identity has already garnered terrific results. Merchant signup has increased by 20%, sales volume has increased by 152%, and 10 articles about the brand’s reinvention have been published, including ones by Tearsheet, Transform Magazine, and Lendit. Check them out now to learn more about the work!