October 9, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why Advocacy Marketing Is a Powerful Tool


1. Authenticity:  Brand trust is one of the most important factors driving consumers’ purchasing decisions, and the perception of authenticity is a reliable way to be seen as trustworthy. Many consumers consider user-generated content (UGC) from brand advocates to be among the most authentic forms of media, which is why it should be a core component of your brand’s marketing platform.

2. Growing platforms: Consumers are more interested in engaging with brands than ever before, and the opportunities to do so are on the rise. For example, there are billions of active social media users – a number that’s going to jump dramatically in the coming years. Most of the great UGC out there can be found on social media, in blogs, and on other platforms that are getting larger and larger. Even specialized Advocate Marketing platforms, like Influitive and Crowdly, have emerged to make brand advocacy and user-generated content fun, incentivizing experiences for users.This means the availability of high-quality UGC is increasing along with your brand’s ability to reach people with it.

3. A shifting consumer culture: It’s no surprise that the explosion of social media has coincided with surging demand for authentic content. According to a recent Olapic survey, almost half of respondents “look at user-generated images for inspiration once a day or more.” Our daily media intake has never been more focused on material produced by real people – from our friends and family to other independent content creators we follow. This is why consumers are losing interest in traditional forms of advertising and marketing that rely on expensive studios and airbrushed models instead of presenting content that feels authentic.

4. More sophisticated tools: Thanks to revolutionary technology like artificial intelligence (AI), UGC is far more accessible than it used to be. For example, companies like Catch&Release use AI to discover and curate licensed UGC that brands can use right away. Meanwhile, AI applications such as machine learning and sentiment analysis can help brands determine which forms of UGC are resonating with their audience, as well as which ones are consistent with their brand message.

5. Cost effectiveness: Unlike traditional ads that often require a substantial commitment of resources, UGC is one of the most affordable ways to reach your audience. In fact, many forms of UGC – such as unsolicited posts on social media, reviews, how-to guides, and sponsored contests – don’t require much investment at all (if any). And even when brands and agencies work with independent content creators to develop a campaign, they’re often paying much less than the cost of a full production team.

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