June 24, 2018

4 Habits I’ve Quit to Make Me a Better Working Mom


In 2014, after subsequently serving as Vice President at Goldman Sachs and Chief Marketing Officer of NYSE Euronext, I ventured out on my own so I could have more flexibility while raising my two young daughters.

While I was a “party of one” at first, serving as a virtual CMO for several major financial-focused brands, I quickly identified a niche and the Ricciardi Group was born. In less than four years, we built a team of over 30 full-time employees and contractors, enlisted a board of advisors from some of the world’s leading firms, and expanded our client roster to include Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Legg Mason and BNY Mellon, and emerging technology brands like AlphaPoint, ComplySci, and General Assembly.

What this rapid growth meant was that I had to get extremely focused on the tasks at hand while also continuing to prioritize the things that were important. Often times, what you gain in flexibility as a business owner, you often lose in “setting boundaries.” In other words, while I could decide on my working hours, often depending on my kids’ schedules, it often meant I was working all the time…day, night, weekends, weekdays.

In order to strike some sort of a balance, and not get sucked into the vacuum of “startup life,” I cut out several habits that just don’t serve me, my family, or my company. What I’ve found is that it’s given me time and energy back, and ultimately made me much better at all of my jobs.


1. Checking emails first thing in the morning


2. Only working out when I “had time”


3. Making endless lists with no focus


4. Foregoing creativity


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