July 6, 2022

Is it time to redesign the agency/client relationship?

By: Marisa Ricciardi

“What do CMOs Actually Want in an Agency?”

I was drawn to this question posed by Emmy Liederman in a recent Adweek article.

As a former New York Stock Exchange CMO and now an agency founder/CEO, I’m challenged with balancing both sides in managing an agency that differentiates itself by having former client leaders as our front-line, and leading creative development.

It got me thinking about the opportunities to redesign the client/agency relationship with everything we now know about remote work, digital upskilling, software-based account management tools, and new communications methods.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past couple of years, it is that everything can benefit from a fresh approach. This is especially true when taking into account a constantly evolving digital ecosystem with multigenerational internal and external teams, the urgent need to drive diverse perspectives into everyday dialogue, and new partnerships in a more networked approach to servicing accounts.


To read more about “Is it time to redesign the agency/client relationship”, check out my article on Fast Company.

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