January 16, 2019

Our take on the incredible journey back to authentic storytelling


The recently launched 2019 Advertising Industry Report from Catch&Release is called “The incredible journey back to authentic storytelling” for a reason.

Trends in Advertising Authentic Storytelling

As we navigate our way through the twenty-first century, it’s impossible to overstate how fundamentally the relationship between brands and consumers has changed. Consumers expect fresh content that resonates with their real-life experiences (which is no surprise considering the explosion of social media), as well as fluid, organic, and consistent interactions on and offline. They want brands to reflect their values and partner with them to make the world a better place. And most of all, they want to be active participants instead of mere numbers on a balance sheet – they want to be part of a brand’s story. In a word, they want authenticity.

Here are the five advertising trends identified by Catch&Release:

  1. The evolution of micro-influencers
  2. Found content as a creative medium
  3. Belief-driven buyers and the power of “performative wokeness”
  4. The shifting brand-agency dynamic
  5. Digital integration fostering human-to-human interaction

Read the full report and gain insights on where the world of content, marketing, and advertising is heading. More importantly, what customers want and need from brand experiences.

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