February 12, 2019

Our Marketing Crushes


Standard disclaimer: We’re mildly guilty of not taking our own anti-Valentine’s Day advice in this section, but we just had to mention a few of our marketing crushes (technically crushes can happen any day or month of the year). There’s nothing more inspiring than the insanely talented people who are doing revolutionary work in our industry. We continually look to them for future ideas, and we hope you do too.

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Crush #1

Dave Gerhardt is the vice president of marketing at Drift, and he’s one of those tireless, multi-talented marketers who seems to have a few more hours in the day than everyone else. From launching a huge international sales and marketing conference (HYPERGROWTH) to hosting one of the most insightful marketing podcasts available (Seeking Wisdom) to the release of his new book (co-authored with David Cancel) Conversational Marketing, Dave is one of those marketers you simply have to follow.

Why do we have a crush? Even if you don’t work in the marketing industry, Dave’s example as a thinker and innovator who’s constantly learning and questioning the status quo is invaluable. Follow his outside the box thinking here.


Crush #2

Allen Gannett is the founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a marketing analytics firm that recently merged with Skyword, where he’s now the chief strategy officer. His book The Creative Curve (which was released last year) draws upon insights from the latest neuroscientific research and a wide range of interviews with brilliant creative minds to demonstrate that, despite popular misconceptions, creativity can be learned. In the book, Allen emphasizes the patterns of creative development, which is no surprise considering much of his career as a marketer has been focused around discovering patterns in the marketing data of his clients.

Why do we have a crush? Allen has a natural ability to spot these patterns, and recognizes the vital importance of rigorous data analysis for any brand that wants to know how well its marketing platform is actually working. Oh, and did we mention the fact that he’s only 27 years old? Sign up for some regular inspiration here.


Crush #3

Lisa Kolodny-Johnson is the VP of marketing at Indagare, a boutique travel company that provides its members with customized trips and expert insights about more than 250 travel destinations. She has worked with Architectural Digest and WSJ. Magazine to expose readers to travel possibilities they never would have considered, from Marrakech to Beirut to Milan. Lisa’s resume is filled with stints at some of the coolest brands around – she was the vice president of brand marketing and communications at FreshDirect, she handled marketing and social media at iVillage, and she worked on influencer marketing campaigns at the Movember Foundation.

Why do we have a crush? Lisa has a unique way of identifying cultural trends and seamlessly weaving them into a brand’s narrative — creating unforgettable campaigns that resonate with consumers. Follow her here.


Speaking of crushes, check out our CEO’s advice to “show the love to customers” when she was recently featured in Markets Media Women Crush Wednesday.

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