Case Study

Venn by Two Sigma

The investment community faces fierce competitive and client pressure to move faster and with greater precision to generate exceptional performance. Asset managers and allocators seek reliable technology solutions to elevate their offerings and enhance reputation. However, an ever-expanding financial technology landscape makes the market difficult for buyers to navigate.

Venn by Two Sigma, an investment analytics solution, struggled to break through the category’s noise to engage the highly coveted asset manager and allocator audience. To overcome this, Venn adopted a laser-focused demand generation strategy to engage the right prospects.

Services Provided

  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Scoring Process
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • SEO Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
Venn by Two Sigma
30 %

Lead To MQL Conversion Rate

38 %

Increase In Marketing-Sourced Revenue YoY

We first focused on discoverability and enhancing keyword strategy and SEM campaigns, to drive a higher volume of MQLs into their sales pipeline.

Leveraging Venn’s bespoke research and bench of expertise, we were able to successfully guide prospects through the Venn brand experience, showcasing key product differentiators and benefits, ultimately driving a 48% increase in new demo requests.

This strategic approach was also applied to Venn’s website redesign, which aimed to reposition the brand from technology provider to a premium business enabler. The team rebuilt the site’s architecture and design to create a true demand generation engine – optimizing the user experience, lead capture point approach, and organic search, content, and email strategies to convert campaign traffic.

Equally important to Venn’s new multi-channel strategy was marketing’s ability to demonstrate return on investment and business impact. We developed a revenue tracking architecture, which linked Hubspot’s campaign attribution reporting to Venn’s Salesforce pipeline figuresThrough this work, we unearthed the true impact of the new demand generation strategy:

Over 1,000 total leads generated, with 30% converting into MQLs by requesting a demo of Venn’s platform.

38% increase in closed revenue in generated in 2023.


RG is an incredible value-add to our small marketing team and has provided guidance, expertise, and hands-on implementation of digital, branding, and website projects that have directly driven measurable results.

Sue Childs, CMO
Venn by Two Sigma